Archiving and self-archiving policy

The journal supports the self-archiving process. Prior to publication in the journal, authors may post a copy of their manuscript in preparation or submitted to the journal in recognized non-commercial preprint servers, public websites.  Authors also are encouraged to archive their final author version of the manuscript in their institution's repositories and, if they wish, on their personal websites. Authors should cite the publication reference and DOI number on the first page of any deposited version, and provide a link from it to the URL of the published article on the journal's website.

To facilitate self-archiving of original research papers and help authors fulfil funder and institutional mandates, the journal deposits manuscripts in National Library of Ukraine by V.I. Vernadsky, Scientific periodicals of Ukraine database and different international scintificd database on behalf of authors who opt-in to this free service during submission. The journal provides depositing of articles on official website of the publisher “MedExper” ( The full text access to published papers is free.