Quality of life and psycho-emotional state of pregnant women with hepatitis B virus





pregnancy, hepatitis B virus, obstetric complications, perinatal complications, quality of life, anxiety, depression


Purpose - to assess the quality of life (QoL) and psycho-emotional state of pregnant women with hepatitis B virus (HBV).

Materials and methods. 86 pregnant women with HBV were examined, who were divided into two subgroups: HBV1 - 38 women with obstetric and perinatal complications, HBV2 - 48 pregnant women without significant gestational complications. The QoL was assessed using the WHOQOL-BREF and CLDQ questionnaires and the level of anxiety and depression according to the HADS scale.

Results. According to the WHOQOL-BREF questionnaire, the quality of life of HBV1 patients was significantly reduced in all domains except for D4 Environment. These women experience the greatest decline in QoL in the field of physical health (the estimate is 40% lower). For domains D2 Mental health and D3 Social relations, there was a decrease in the score by 23.6 and 28.7%, respectively. According to the CLDQ questionnaire of quality of life in chronic liver diseases, a significant difference between groups of pregnant women was established in 2 of 6 domains: AS abdominal symptoms 4.18±0.33 versus 5.19±0.24 points in the HBV2 group (p<0.05), WO Anxiety 3.41±0.21 vs. 4.35±0.36 points, respectively (p<0.05). According to the HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, women in the HBV1 group are significantly more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety (60.5%), in particular, clinically pronounced anxiety in 15.8%. Almost half (44.8%) of the patients had depression, in 5.3% it was clinically pronounced.

Conclusions. The results obtained confirm the role of psychological changes and a decrease in the QoL in the occurrence of obstetric and perinatal complications in HBV and indicate the need for their assessment, correction, and the possibility of using them as criteria for predicting complications and assessing the quality of treatment.

The research was carried out in accordance with the principles of the Helsinki Declaration. The study protocol was approved by the Local Ethics Committee of the participating institution. The informed consent of the patient was obtained for conducting the studies.

No conflict of interests was declared by the author.


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